Issue: #6

September 15th, 2020

📌 Short Updates

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🧩 Conferences and events

📺 Blast from the past

  • A sneak peek into super optimized code in JS frameworks - Talk by Maxim Koretskyi at JSConf EU 2019, highlights favoring readability over optimization in application development, developers expectation from frameworks to run as fast as possible. and the techniques that make code run faster. #video
  • Let’s build a JavaScript Engine in Rust - Talk by Jason Williams at JSConf EU 2019, answers the question - how JS engines work? building engine from scratch in Rust. He shares his experience as well as what it is like to work on the specification, collaborate with TC39, and lessons from engines in use today. #video

🎨 Meanwhile on the web

  • Meta Tags - Preview, Edit & Generate Meta Tags for Social Platforms
  • Drift is a free app that showcases the sights and sounds of beautiful locations around the world.
  • Apple II emulator - built in JavaScript! Check COde

“Good software, like good wine, takes time.” - Joel Spolsky

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