Issue: #2 Linking is not a piece of cake…

July 20th, 2020

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Linking is not a piece of cake - In-depth information on the anchor tag <a> in HTML. Anchor tag is more than just a simple link, this article is an attempt to cover various available attributes and make the use of it, including possible attributes, security and JavaScript ways of doing things.

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  • What is Virtual DOM - A deep dive in concept of Virtual DOM that is has become performance reason in modern frontend frameworks like React
  • In The Loop - Talk by Jake Archibald in JSConf.Asia 2018 looks at the browser’s event loop, the thing that orchestrates the main thread of the browser and difference between tasks, microtasks, requestAnimationFrame, requestIdleCallback, and where events land. Also check the article by Jake Archibald from 2015 on the same topic. #Video

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  • - Randomly Generated Characters for Your Apps & Games.
  • - You give it an article link and it will remove all adverts and tracking and format it in a really nice clean readable way. Also gets past most paywalls.

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