Issue: #3 Year of online conferences

August 17th, 2020

🗞 Articles and Short Updates

🧩 Conferences and events

📺 Blast from the past

  • Deno, a new way to JavaScript - Talk by Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js, at HolyJS introducing deno. Recently his ambitious project denocame out of beta and got released. #video
  • Immutable data structures for functional JS - Talk by Anjana Vakil focussing on “efficiently make new “modified” versions of immutable objects” and introduction to libraries like Mori and Immutable.js for immutable Data structure. #video

🎨 Meanwhile on the web

  • Awesome Falsehood - Awesome curated list of falsehoods programmers believe in.
  • Laws of UX - Laws of UX is a set of principles for designers/developers to think while building UI/UX
  • How to Secure Anything - Repo focusing on securing anything including physical or digital assets

“W​henever I have to think to understand what the code is doing, I ask myself if I can refactor the code to make that understanding more immediately apparent.” - Martin Fowler

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